Show Rules

Show Times/Time Limits – Set-up 8am. Show starts at 9am. We kindly ask that everyone help keep the show running smoothly by removing your horses promptly after each class. Time limits between halter classes is approx. 5 min, and performance is approx. 10 minutes.
Model Limits – 3 model limit in all halter classes ( Gender, Breed & Color ) 2 horse limit in all performance classes.  If you would like to enter more than 3 models in halter, you may, at a charge of $1 per horse, per class, payable to the judge.

Artist Resin/Extreme Customs vs Simple Custom Plastic Divisions – At this show any custom piece that is no longer recognizable as the original body it was created from is asked to show in the Artist Resin divisions for halter.  In the Simple Plastic Division we ask that the original body is recognizable.

Judging – While judging is in progress, please respect the judge by staying away until he/she is finished judging the class. If you have any questions, please wait until after the class has finished. Unstable models may be placed on their sides for judging. We do ask that the owner of the horse be nearby to turn the model if the judge requests it.
NAMHSA – “All 1st and 2nd place equids & approved fantasty animals will receive a NAN card in all qualifying NAMHSA classes.”
Novice Division – A novice division will be added, if entries warrant it. If we have enough interest, novice showers will have a seperate division, with no entry fee. Novice showers must be under 18 years of age, or have less than 2 years of model showing experience to qualify. Please email Bobbie at if you have any questions about the Novice division.
Do Not Touch – Anyone else’s models. You must be given direct permission from the owner of the model/tack etc. before you touch these items. A lot of work, time & money go into these items and everyone must respect other showers models & items. We welcome you to browse and look at others tables but please, no touching! Parents – Please watch your children. Thank You.

No Smoking or Alcoholic Beverages Allowed! – This is a fun, family event so let’s keep it that way! – If you’d like to smoke, you must go outside.
Lunch – We will break for one hour for lunch. You are also welcome to bring along snacks & refreshments for yourself during the day