Day Schedule


Day Schedule
8 am Set Up – 9 am Show Begins Both Days

Ring One – CM/AR Performance
Ring Two – OF Breyer Halter
Ring Three – AR (including *extreme customs) Mini Halter
Ring Four – OF Peter Stone Halter
Ring One – OF Performance
Ring Two – AR & (*extreme customs) Halter
Ring Three – OF Mini Halter (All Makes)
Ring Four – OF China/Resin Halter – Simple Plastic CM *all scales show together* (CM Plastic goes after China classes in this ring )

Overall Champion & Reserve Presentations
Please Note: Champion & Reserve for each division will be presented immediately after the division classes.

* Extreme Customs – are custom plastic pieces that are not recognizable from the original body.  We ask at this show that these extreme custom pieces show in the Artist Resin divisions*